The Champions League

The Champions League is the most prestigious club competition in the world. Over the years, there have been 22 different champions from 13 different countries.

Real Madrid is the most successful team with 14 titles. They are followed by AC Milan with seven.

The competition

Since its inception, the Champions League has become one of the most popular competitions in world football at Traditionally, teams from around the world compete in a group stage that is similar to the FIFA World Cup.

In recent years, UEFA has reshaped the Champions League to make it more like a mini-league. Previously, clubs were placed into groups based on their performance in European competitions, but now they are seeded to ensure each group is roughly equal in difficulty.

This reshaping has made the Champions League even more appealing to fans. The current format has 32 teams (excluding the qualification stage) split into 8 groups of four, which play a round-robin system from October to December.

Teams in each group play home and away games against the other three teams, with three points awarded for a win and one point awarded for a draw. The top two teams in each group advance to the knockout phase.

The format

The competition is held annually and starts with a group stage, followed by a knockout round. Teams play each other twice, both home and away, to determine who will go on to the next stage.

UEFA plans to overhaul the Champions League format, replacing the traditional group phase with a so-called ‘Swiss model’. It will allow the 32 clubs to be placed in one giant table and will require two extra matchdays for the group stages, compared to the current eight.

The winners and runners-up of each group advance to the knockout stage on They will play paired matches, using home and away goals to determine a winner.

The teams

The Champions League is the most prestigious club competition in the world. It is an annual event where the top teams from Europe's biggest football leagues compete.

In the history of the tournament, there have been 22 different champions. Among the most successful teams are Real Madrid (14), AC Milan (7) and Liverpool (6).

These clubs have won the Champions League more than any other team. But there are other European powerhouses that have also wowed the world.

Besides Real Madrid and AC Milan, other multi-time winners include Barcelona (5), Bayern Munich (6), Juventus (4), Benfica (2), Man United (3), Inter Milan (3) and Chelsea (2).

After a break of three months, the business end of the Champions League is back and we are set for some high stakes matches as the draw takes place on Monday night. The Round of 16 has already featured some dramatic ties and will be sure to produce some more rematches, including the match between Liverpool and PSG which was drawn in the same group.

The winners

The Champions League is the premier club football competition in Europe and a chance for teams from top European footballing countries to prove their mettle. Since its rebranding to the Champions League in 1992, a total of 22 clubs have won it - including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Liverpool.

Spanish teams have dominated the tournament, winning it an impressive 19 times. They are joined by English sides (14), Italy (12), German clubs (7) and Dutch teams (6) on the list of previous winners.

Manchester United (twice), Liverpool and Chelsea are the only Premier League sides to have won the tournament. They all produced great drama in their wins - Manchester United came from two goals down to beat Bayern Munich 2-1 in 1999, while Liverpool rallied from 3-0 down against AC Milan in 2005.