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Cindy Adams


Cindy Adams helped bring Manool Games from a small blog to a full-fledged news site.. She continues to assist in keeping the site responsive and well organized for the readers.  As a contributor to Manool Games, Cindy mainly covers PC gaming and and mobile gaming stories.

Jack Williams


Jack Williams is just a few years into his journalist career, but has already had pieces published in many major publications including Tech Crunch and the Game Spot.   In regards to academics, Jack earned a degree in business from Texas State. Jack has passion for emerging technology and covers upcoming products and breakthroughs in the gaming industry.

Brandon Smith


Brandon Smith has been playing video games since the original NES. Brandon attended a technical school while still in high school where he learned a variety of skills, from photography to coding.  Brandon has previously contributed to Game Informer, Revolution Portal and Xbox Today.  Apart from being a contributor to the site, Brandon  also enjoys racing drones.

Sawyer Adams


As our second lead editor, Sawyer Adams provides guidance on the stories Manool Games contributors cover.  Before joining our team, she was a freelance journalist for several publications including the Huff Post and Poly Gen.  Sawyer received a BA and and MA from  the University of Michigan

Karen Anderson


Karen Anderson worked as a freelance journalist for Manool Games before becoming our lead editor. Karen has over thirty bylines and has reported on countless stories concerning all things related to technology.  As a contributor to Manool Games, Karen covers console gaming.  Karen studied at the University Of Ohio.

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