Providing an Immersive Horse Racing Experience

Horse racing is a sport that has captivated millions of people across Asia and the world. With the help of technology, it has become more accessible and engaging for fans.

Mobile apps for horse racing in Hong Kong and Japan offer real-time race information, live streaming, and instant odds. They also come with features like data analysis and news that can help fans make informed decisions.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is an umbrella term for technology that enables machines to learn and adapt to new situations. Typically, an AI system will ingest large amounts of data and then analyze it to find patterns that predict future outcomes.

This process involves the creation of algorithms, which provide computing devices with step-by-step instructions for how to perform specific tasks at These algorithms can be used in applications such as chatbots and image recognition tools.

As with all forms of technology, the ability to build AI systems that are trustworthy is critical. This is especially true when a system has to make decisions about how to act in the face of conflicting values.

Mobile app technology

Live streaming is a great way to engage fans with their favorite races. It also helps people who are unable to travel to the track, or who have disabilities, watch the sport.

Live streams also allow users to interact with the content by participating in chat sessions and live polls. They can ask questions about the race, analyze the race data, and discuss their opinions with other fans.

When developing a mobile application, it is important to choose the right technology. This technology should support a scalable infrastructure and be compatible with the device platform.

There are many tools, frameworks, components, and libraries that can be used to develop a mobile app. They vary in complexity depending on the features required and the functionality of the device.

Data analytics

Horse racing fans are increasingly using mobile apps for race information and real-time updates on These apps also offer a range of betting options, making it easier to follow the races and make informed decisions.

Data analytics is a form of business analysis that uses data to answer questions, find trends, and identify patterns. It can also be used to discover new ways to improve customer experiences, optimize processes, and solve complex problems.

To stay ahead of the competition, The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) sought to develop digital services faster and shift resources from engineering and operations to service innovation. It chose Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to support its infrastructure automation journey.

HKJC's digital team was able to automate routine infrastructure management and operations tasks with Ansible Automation Platform, helping the organization shift its focus from engineering to service innovation. The result was better collaboration and improved service delivery for 60,000 customers across the region.

Enhanced fan experience

Providing an immersive fan experience is a key strategy for horse racing organisations. It aims to attract new fans and keep existing ones engaged. It can be achieved through the use of mobile apps, live streaming of races, and interactive social media experiences.

For example, the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) has developed various mobile apps that provide real-time race information and live streaming, as well as in-app betting options. This allows users to watch live races and place their bets from anywhere in the world.

In Japan, horse racing is an essential part of the culture. It is a multibillion-dollar business that generates huge turnover every year.

Despite being a relatively small market, the Japanese horse racing industry has a lot to offer fans. It has a wide variety of amenities, including first-class facilities and a massive children’s playground. It also boasts a vibrant and passionate fan base, with more money bet on Japanese races than anywhere else in the world.