iPhone games

Space duel II

New vertical space shooter with unusual gameplay, handy controls and cool trance/electro soundtrack.

Destroy the base and don't let enemy guns hit you!

Enjoy a special soundtrack by manoolgames

Space duel II was recently introduced in Appliv

Space duel I

Find a friend, launch the game, hold the phone from two sides and play with each other!

This is an experimental game - an attempt to create a shooter game for two users on one phone for simultaneous play

Enjoy a special soundtrack by manoolgames

Charades movies

Our first iPhone game

Charades is a perfect game for a small company.

The player must show its team the movie and his team must guess it. Making any noises is strictly forbidden.

There are more than 200 most popular movies in the app.

  • NEWS

    • 18.02.2022

      Space duel II is available in App Store!