Tamagotchis, still alive and more connected than ever

Expect more and more strident beeps this summer, as the toy of the hour may be the new Tamagotchi On.

Always egg-shaped, with three buttons on its front, this new model is updated from previous generations by focusing on a color screen and a smartphone application.

As before, the goal of the game is to take care of an egg until hatching, then do everything to make happy the creature that comes out. Once its tamagotchi reaches adulthood, it is possible to use the application to mate with that of a friend. The couple can then give birth to a new creature, who have certain physical characteristics of their parents, creating a multitude of possibilities.

The application also allows you to communicate with other users, exchange gifts and participate in different events.

Although tamagotchi is a toy associated with the 1990s, it has never completely disappeared. In 2017, to mark the 20th anniversary of its international launch, the Bandai company marketed an anniversary version of the iconic toy. Smartphone applications were also launched in 2013 and 2014.

The Tamagotchi One will be offered in the United States as of August 15 for 59.99 US dollars, 40 dollars more than the classic versions. Canadians can get the small device delivered by ordering it online.

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